How to buy safe FIFA 15 coins and fast delivery

There is the feature Trade Offer in "ultimate team” of the FIFA series, which allows players trade between friends. After the items are listed, Trade Offer Option is available. Clicking Trade Offer, buyers can select 0-3 items in your bars and Coins to exchange for other items. This feature requires seller and buyer are friends; or it is not available for non-friends. However, on a letter posted on the official forum, EA also addressed that the feature would be canceled in FIFA 15, because the "Trade Offer" became Coins seller’s way to sell and transfer coins.

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What is EA purpose to do that?
In a letter to the players, EA wrote that the concept of Ultimate team model and structure is designed to competition between players. However, the data shows that the sum of searching for these robots is four times more than that of searching ordinary players, which seriously affected the player's gaming experience.

The measure EA takes is just to against that players use Robot to get Coins. And the coins we offer is earned through playing the game. This is, our coins are accumulated in matches, instead of obtaining through illegal means. (EA is not going to do anything). Thus, we coins are obviously safe. If you want to get high-scoring players at low price, come here and get Coins. Come on! Fast get cheap FIFA 15 coins and take your favorite player into your ultimate team now!

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