With a good chunk of European leagues enjoying the winter break, this week's squad features mostly players from England's various divisions.

It was the traditional slate of Barclays Premier League matches on Boxing Day, with all twenty clubs in action. In Manchester, Kevin De Bruyne had a goal and two assists as City easily defeated Sunderland 4-1.

Later that day at St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton took care of Arsenal 4-0. Goal-scorers for the hosts included defender José Fonte with one and two from striker Shane Long.

Although on the losing side on Saturday, two days later Arsenal's Petr ?ech broke the Premier League's record for clean sheets by a keeper, earning his 170th FIFA 16 Coins in the club's 2-0 victory over AFC Bournemouth.

Check it out the starting eleven of this FUT 16 Team of the Week 16:
GK Jack Butland Stoke 74>74>78
CB Jose Fonte Southampton 81>82
CM>RB Guillaume Gillet Anderlecht 73>74
CB Ethan Ebanks-Landell Wolves 66>73
CAM>RM Kevin De Bruyne City 86>87>88>89
RM Xherdan Shaqiri Stoke 80>81>82
RM>LM Mathieu Dossevi Standard Liege 75>78
CF>LM Fernando Forestieri Sheffield Wednesday 72>74
ST Harry Kane 78>81>82>83
ST Shane Long Southampton 75>78>80
ST Diego Costa Chelsea 86>87

The substitutes of this FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTW 16 are:
GK Stefano Minelli Brescia 57>64
CB Larrys Mabiala Kayserispor 71>74
RWB>RM Tim Matthys KV Mechelen 64>64
CAM Tony Andreu Rotherham 67>73
ST Andre Gray Burnley 70>74
ST Liam Boyce Ross County 65>73
ST Robbie Simpson Cambridge Utd 61>64
GK Petr Cech Arsenal 85>86 HERO
CM>CDM Oguzhan Ozyakup Beskitas JK 77>80
ST Conor Washington Peterborough 60>64>70
ST Davide Luppi Modena 56>64
ST Romelu Lukaku Everton 80>81


The FIFA 16 Best Midfielders

We are getting closer to the top one position, but until then let's find out who do we have on the seconds spot,we've got Toure, he is power in attack,power in defense, power in the midfield. He will be able to dominate, he will be able to kill everyone on the field, he has no match in this department, he will be also very good at creating chances at finishing nice shooting attribute.
We will introduce the last two bes midfielders in fifa 16 in this new article, , the NO.2 and NO.1 midfielders.
The only thing that I didn't like about him is the fact that he has three stars skill moves, and this is a kind of limiting your move when you are close to the opponent penalty box. Maybe it will limit you to get fifa 16 coins or fifa points as your reward. It is does not better, as if you need this, you can choose our website to buy you needed. The cheapest price and the best service you will get here.
Now for our world champion, the NO.1 in fifa 16 ultimate team, of course you might have guessed it's Paul Pogba, the younger the better in the game. Four star skill moves,four stars at his weak foot, 91 strength, 91 long shooting,so imagine him you cannot let him have two meters of space at the five metres out, because he would kill your defense.
You always need to pressure him, you need to open your defense, and that's what great me through those are great, because they draw one two three players and they have the ability of dribbling the players or creating passes for your strikers or for your winners.
I'm actually very curious to see if Paul Pogba can grow even more in the following years and become a great midfielders in the world. The best midfielders you have, it is not only help you in defending, but also it can help you in attacking.


EA improved over 450 star player models in FIFA 16

Due to past experiences and a low cash flow, you may find it difficult to find good deals. Majority of the players will be waiting for the first matches or for the FIFA 16 Points release. As with all FIFA installm. Also, you need to understand that the market can still be meager at the beginning of the game.

If you have really popular cards such as Messi, you need to hold on to them and sell in a few weeks when their worth has already multiplied a hundredfold. This is the normal trend when trading cards. They start out with a low price and it goes up just after a few weeks. Until they reach the maximum, to which a rapid decline follows due to certain situations such as transfer market, game updates, Team of the Season, and so much more. According to EA, once you've completed your FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, you'll be compensated for the 15,000 coins you spent. However, you won't simply receive those coins back. Instead, you'll earn packs, coins and cards that are the equivalent of the 15,000 coins you spent. This was done primarily to make it difficult for players to farm resources by playing the draft over and over again.

Presentation wise, EA improved over 450 star player models in fifa 16. There’s now a Bundesliga presentation, and the game has a total of nine different types of weather. If you prefer foggy or hazy conditions, have at it! On the audio side, FIFA 16 includes more than 900 brand-new chants recorded from all over. Among them, Liverpool’s “When The Reds Go Marching In” and PSG’s “Allez Paris.” Then with commentary, you’ll find the following supported languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Arabic, Polish, German, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and for the first time in FIFA history, Russian. This Fifa 16 crossing tutorial will go in detail on how to cross and perform headers. This crossing guide will teach you how to score easy goals. The first thing you want to notice is that the keeper rushes out and clears or catches any ball crossed near him.

This happens automatically and not because your opponent pulls him off his line. So make sure there is some distance between the keeper and your attacker. The regular cross is performed by pressing the X button or Square button on PlayStation. The key to the regular cross is that your player must have space to receive and head the ball before the cross even is kicked. It is also important to lead him a little so he can get some power into the header. Don’t just expect any random cross to go in with a spectacular header; positioning is the most important thing. The early cross in my opinion is the most effective cross in Fifa 16. The early cross is performed by pressing the L1 and Square or LB and X buttons. This is great when you see a teammate making a run with space in front of him. This type of cross will lead him and allow for the running header.

Also, if you buy them on Xbox One for FUT 16, you can’t use them on PlayStation 4, but you can on Xbox 360, as they can be shared only between same platforms. You can transfer your FIFA Points to FUT 16 coins if you do not plan to spend all your FIFA Points on FUT 15. But be careful when you start the game for the first time as this is a one-time transfer only.


Why Ultimate Team Draft is FIFA 16 Best Mode?

As A Newcomer, You Should Definitely Focus At The Beginning Of Your Ultimate Team Adventure Pointing To Games Against The AI ??- Whether Single Matches, Tournaments Or A Season. Here You Can Not Do Too Much Wrong And They Are Ultimately Also A Good Indicator Of How Well Your Current Team Really Is And How The Players Harmonize. Alexandre Lacazette Would Be My First Choice. He Has An Overall FUT Rating Of 84, 85 Shooting, 84 Dribbling And 88 Pace. Quite Simply He Is A Goal Machine. You Can Normally Sign The Lyon Striker For Around £35 Million. If You Struggle To Sign Him Or Are Pipped At The Post By An Annoying Bayern Munich Offer Then Everton’s Romelu Lukaku Can Offer You A Cheaper But Still Very fifa 16 coins Effective Option.

This Attacking Formation Also Means That Your Full-Backs Will Endeavour To Get Down The Wings Whenever They Can - Perfect For The Likes Of Alba And Alves. Lastly, You Can Also Complete Things Such As Manager Tasks Which Will Get You A Free Gold Pack, But Do Note That You Won’t Be Able To Sell Them. If There Is One Thing That You Should Never Stop Doing In FUT, It’s Trading. But You Need To Ensure That You Don’t Invest Everything At Your Disposal And Put Aside Something For The Bad Times. The Basic Rule Behind Trading Is To Study The Prices Carefully, Buy At A Lower Price, And Sell At A Higher One. Near The Game’s Release, It’ll Be Difficult To Find Good Deals Because The Market Is Scarce At The Moment.

FIFA 16'S Best Mode By Far Is Ultimate Team Draft, In Which You Assemble A Loan Team Out Of A Randomly Generated Assortment Of Rarities, Then Play Four Matches Against Either Computer Or Human Opponents, To Win Packs Of Ultimate Team Players Based On Your Performance. Constructing Your Squad And Shifting People Around In The Endless Pursuit Of Perfect Chemistry Almost Doesn’t Need The Ensuing Matches - It Could Work As A Self-Contained Puzzle Mode.

Since Packs Cost fut 16 coins, Draft Has A £3/$3 Entry Fee, But The Prize Always Matches This, If Not Surpasses It.


There are Some Problem Still Exist in FIFA 16 UT

As you can see that FIFA Ultimate Team Coins mode popular at PlayStation 3 playable. Despite not being able to play together is not the case, although two weeks after a still by many FIFA 16 gamers.

According to website reported, EA sports had closed the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team servers on November 20 in order to make arrangements. But FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is trying to play on the Playstation 3 FIFA gamers, unfortunately, this situation is not managed in the intervening two or more weeks.

EA Games still remains a mystery, according to the description made a return to a multi-user games but since then other users caused problems caused by inability to play or how to solve. In this case, we think that the problem is quite annoyed by this Twitter account that also, EA Games mistakenly players on 2 million fifa coins in gold and item by its currency issued, which allows you to get players started.

When EA Games external resources to reach EA Games to solve the problem and when asked what the response was simply to redirect that page. If the EA Sports game was giving gifts to FIFA 16 gamers within a period of time and apparently seems to affect the issue should be studied within a small player buyed by fifa 16 coins base of bonuses this game.

According to still Trying to fix the problem. The latest developments about the game came from the official website:fifa 16 account of FIFA and PlayStation 3.


How to acquire Cheap Fifa 15 Coins

In the true existence, financial resources could be employed to get various elements as the cheap fifa 15 coins could choose nearly my way through FIFA 15.

By obtaining an a sufficient amount of budget, you'll be able to make a club with the aspiration with unequalled squad, entire improve cards and every human property filled which can improve your athletes' overall performance. FIFA coins invest in all important things in farm ville besides wins. It's going to give wonderful assist for yourself personally.

Very likely one of the most asked for query referring to this match is: guidelines in order to make a great amount of FIFA coins. Countless players have shared their tactics via the web. But several them might not be as beneficial whilst you predicted. Inside the following we'll clarify about one thing which most people should to understand about obtaining a lot of FIFA coins.

The fastest method of gaining them would be to notice FIFA ultimate team coins web-based. Primary, you need to define out that which you is going to carry out along with your FIFA ultimate team coins. It's just then you will know the amount of FIFA coins you will need. When you may have obtained your selection from the number of buy cheap fifa 15 coins you will need, it's the instant to find a FIFA coins vendor. Trying to find the stores is positively simple even though how you might make distinct that you're going to purchase with bigger cost?

Assuming you have identified selling real estate property and clin g the quantity of FIFA coins and value to get, it's the second to shut that transaction. Shell out with currency by doing this agreed to acquire the FIFA coins.

The system to let you get with quick FIFA ultimate team coins with legitimate everyday living cash is presently the only method of doing. It really is located in exchange of various FIFA coins genuine cash flow. Its feasible because you will find often some players contemplating generating moolah with taking part in time. You may get a number of gamers prefer to select the most basic means to instantly decide to purchase whatever they require using the FIFA coins they get instantly with the vendors. Endeavor to buy fifa 15 coins ps4 and make dream synergy sooner!


Easy FIFA 15 Coins Trading Tips

FIFA coins are important as they allow you to continue playing the game. They also allow you to buy the player that you want to add to your team. Due to the importance of the money, it's important that you have as much as you can.

One of the best ways of accumulating a lot of coins is by buying cheap and selling expensive. For you to do this successfully you need to consider the following tips:

Study the market carefully
You can't trade by faith. For example, you can't buy a card and hope that you will find someone willing to buy it a higher price. To be successful you need to study the market and find a price that is below the average price and from this predict the price that the demand is willing to offer.

For you to study the market you need to spend long hours analyzing it. You can also use specialized tools that are designed to aid in market study. To be on the safe side you need to consider a number of aspects in your study. Some of the aspects you need to consider include:
1.Price variations over the hours of the day and days of the week
2.Number of transactions made
3.Price behavior

Focus on a parcel market
For success to be on your side when trading FIFA 15 coins you need to focus on a given part of the market; you should not focus on the general market. You should choose a branch that

To be on the safe side you should gather as much information about it and keep yourself updated about the changes that are happening.

Always have something to sell
Just like a physical store, you need to have something that you are selling for you to make a profit. One of the things that you need to do is to ensure that the transfer list is always full. Every time you sell some cards you should replace them with new ones.

It's also recommended that you use the EASF catalogue items to increase the size of your transfer list.

To increase your chances of being successful you need to make use of trading methods sma rtly .Keep the these tricks in mind, it will make your fifa 15 journey sucessfully !


Great Tricks to Gain Lots of FIFA 15 Coins

FIFA 15 is one of the best football games on the market and previous versions have blew customer anticipations out of the water – we all know that the only way to improve your squad and dominate the competition is to build up your fifa 15 coins and purchase new players. This sub-game is also often referred to as ultimate team, so let's also look at how you can buy ultimate team players and how you can sell ultimate team players.

Many people who play the FIFA games have been struggling to amass a large number of coins making it impossible for them to grow their squad and win a lot of games. Well, the best way to do is to play more games – it's as simple as that! You won't get many coins if you forget to play a lot of games.

In addition to this, there is also an option to purchase FIFA 15 coins through various marketplaces and you can find many cheap FIFA 15 coins online if you search around – either through websites or through other independent sellers who are trying to make a quick buck. In order to preserve your money you should make sure to only purchase the amount of coins that you need to get a new player – try not to overspend.

The above methods are great however, another great way of amassing coins in FIFA 15 is to win tournaments – this might be a bit more difficult but you will definitely benefit from a large number of coins if you win the whole tournament – it should be noted however that you will only receive the coins if you win the whole tournament, you won't receive any even if you come in 2nd place so this is something to keep in mind.